Driven by a passion for enhancing people's lives and helping them realize their highest potential, our team has been working diligently to bring heart-centered programs to our community. We believe in networking with like-minded business owners and other nonprofits who take pride in their ethical way of thinking. We are ready to support them to grow and expand. Our focus is on growing the talents of each individual as we strongly believe everyone has them.
Our team of consultants offer personal and professional counseling and healing.


Our power to create draws from the talent of many artistic, compassionate and inspired people. We believe in support, tolerance, love, acceptance and growth of all of us as a one worldly tribe. Join us, there is space for everyone!

Community Healing Center

San Diego, California

We envision Community Healing Centers in each of our communities, led by people passionate for helping and healing others. The home of our future Community Healing Center in San Diego will be announced as soon as we gather enough funds to start one. With your generous help, that future seems reachable and bright.

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Our mission & vision

Our mission is to improve the health and quality of life in the community, using the holistic approach and empowering people to focus on everyday wellness by practicing self care.
Our vision is to continue to be on the forefront of holistic healing and holistic education for people of all walks and ages.