"Community Healing Center - One Family"

We believe that by doing what we love, we inspire and awaken the hearts of others. We envision Community Healing Centers in each of our communities, led by people passionate for helping and healing others. The home of our future Community Healing Center in San Diego will be announced as soon as we gather enough funds to start one. With your generous help, that future seems reachable and bright. In addition to the programs we already offer, our workshops, seminars and individual healing sessions, we plan to create many different programs at the Community Healing Center: * Entrepreneurship programs for Holistic Practitioners * Holistic wellness programs for employees in various companies in the community * Free programs for children * Programs for senior citizens and caregivers * Relationship improvement programs * Integrative health and wellness coaching for mindful lifestyle changes - specifically tailored for pain management, tobacco cessation and as an aid to help with chemo therapy side effects in cancer care. Community Healing Center is operated by Holistic Perspectives, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in San Diego, California.

Gym, Dance, Yoga, Taichi, Rock Climbing
Life Skills Workshops, Imagineer Lab, Performing Arts, Entrepreneur in Making Classes
Conflict Resolution, Mentoring, Spiritual Development, Volunteer Activities