Our commitment to your heart centered project

– Fiscal Sponsorship Progam –

We will help you raise funds

Holistic Perspectives wants to help you raise money for your heart centered project. As a part of our professional counseling to startups and small businesses, we walk the path of creation with you, from your idea of starting a business to raising funds through fiscal sponsorship.

If you are a passionate, philanthropic person who wants to create a better world by giving back, we want to help you succeed with your mission and vision.  We will provide 501(c)3 tax status to your business that makes you eligible to apply for grants and incentivizes individual gifts under the umbrella of fiscal sponsorship.

With fiscal sponsorship, you can solicit tax-deductible donations and apply for grants without having to file for nonprofit 501© status. We sponsor “projects”  rather than the entire business, however, you can be a person who has a good idea for a business or even an organization that does not have its own 501(c)(3) status.

What will nonprofit fiscal sponsorship do for your business?

Holistic Perspectives’s fiscal sponsorship program offers many benefits to your startup and small for profit business. Without having to create your own nonprofit organization which is a time consuming process, your individual projects can start soliciting donations immediately, on the same day we sign our agreement! In order to be considered for fiscal sponsorship, your business has to meet certain criteria.

What is required from you for fiscal sponsorship?

  1. You must be a Professional or Organizational affiliate member of Holistic Perspectives. Membership is free for the first 6 months. After that, you will pay us the affiliate fee based on your earnings, what you consider a fair fee ( between 3% – 10% ) for the last 6 months.

Please note: this is the pilot project hence the low fees until the end of 2017.

  1. Your project must be geared toward helping people and making a difference in people’s lives rather than just generating profit for your business; we would always consider your decision to give 10% of your profit to your charity of choice.
  2. You must submit the application by providing the following basic info:
  • Contact information: your name ( business name if you already have it ), address, email, phone #, short description of your mission, vision and how you want to make a difference
  • Description of project, timeline, requirements
  • Your expectations of our counseling and fiscal sponsorship


Here are the advantages of our fiscal sponsorship program:

  • Option to solicit online donations and send automatic tax write off letters to your donors ( up to 95% of all donations ).
  • Donors can make automatic recurring monthly donations to Holistic Perspectives’s Paypal account, assigned to your project.
  • Funds are released weekly to your Paypal account or per mutual agreement.
  • Complete set of online tools for managing your sponsored project (check your fund balance, view donation and fund release history, access to donor contact information, process new donations, etc.). For now, this is managed by our staff and you will get weekly statements.
  • Create crowdfunding/fundraising campaigns on our website
  • You will have your own online profile AND website link featured on our website
  • We will be with you along the way, sharing the vision and resources; we will provide free educational resources and constructive feedback to help you achieve your project vision.

Are there any fees?

There is a base 5% administrative fee on all donations.

How and when will you receive the money raised for your project?

You solicit donations from your friends and relatives, social media followers, etc. Once they make donation to Holistic Perspectives’s  Paypal account for your project , we initially keep money for seven days to assure the clearance. After seven days, you may request the funds to be sent to your Paypal account. We release funds once a week.

Where to start?

First, send us an email with your basic information and if you meet criteria, we will invite you to submit the full application.

How often do we review applications?

New applications are reviewed weekly by the Board of Directors. Following approval of your application, you can expect it to be up-and-running within a few days.

What Kind of Projects Do We Consider?

In order to become eligible, your project needs to be in alignment with our mission and vision. That will include any ongoing or temporary project. If you an unsure whether your project will meet this criteria, send us an email